Admired Customization☆/Stage
Admired Customization☆ Stage.png
Song Admired Customization☆
Idol Type Cute
Stage Type Live
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime The Three Shining Suns


A stage taking place on a raised platform in a room with pastel pink textured wallpaper. Around the bottom is a hot pink and white heart pattern, with a purple scalloped piece around the top with gold tulle over it and gold hearts hanging from pearl chains randomly placed. On each wall are multiple pink and white striped ribbon, and decorating the walls are various images of Angely Sugar coords, animals, and sweets. The middle of the wall has gold coloring instead of pink, with the purple band hot pink in color. Along with the images, there is also a clock and shelves adorned by various items, and at the middle is a monitor with colorful flowers and Angely Sugar coords. Leading to the monitor are hot pink and gold steps and a single Angely Bear, and surrounding this are four outfits on matching colored bases. The roof is pink, purple, and blue, and the carpeted floor is mauve with gold lining and detail. The floor where the audience stands matches the ceiling.

Anime Appearances


Data Carddass Aikatsu on Parade!


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