"To the me I want to be, stepping through the glass, MIRROR IN☆"

– Live action and anime Intro

Aikatsu Planet!
Live-Action | Anime

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Series Information
Kanji アイカツプラネット!
Romaji Aikatsu Puranetto!
Planning・Original Work BN Pictures
Original Concept Bandai
Director Ryuichi Kimura
Series Composition Misuzu Chiba
Character Design Risa Miyadani
Music TBA
Original Network TV Tokyo
Original Run January 2021
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Season 1

Aikatsu Planet! (アイカツプラネット!), short for Aidoru Katsudō Planet! (アイドルカツドウプラネット! lit. "Idol Activity Planet!"), is a collectible card game by Bandai and a spin-off of Aikatsu!, another collectible card game by Bandai. A live-action and anime hybrid adaptation made by BN Pictures will begin airing in January 2021.


One day, Mao Otoha, a normal high school student at Stardust Private High School,
in the place of the suddenly disappeared Meisa Hinata,
taking the avatar of "Aikatsu Planet!'s" top idol Hana,
began her idol activities!
However, the fact that Mao is Hana is a secret kept from everyone!

In the adored world of "Aikatsu Planet!",
You can become idols cuter than anyone!
Mao who is now Hana, uses "Swing" with her chosen "Dressia" to put on a dress,
And begins the world of intense Battle Stages with her rivals!

Along with her best friend Shiori Motoya, model and active idol Ruli Tamaki,
as well as coolish senior Kyōko Umekōji, they shall aim for the top idol together!

A place where you can be who you want to be!
Aikatsu Planet! Is About to Begin!

Notable Characters

Aikatsu Planet! Characters
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  • Planning・Original Work: BN Pictures
  • Original Concept: Bandai
  • Chief Director/Director: Ryuichi Kimura
  • Series Composition: Misuzu Chiba
  • Character Design: Risa Miyadani
  • Live Action Production: Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
  • Music: TBA


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