The Member Watchlist is a listing of problem members on the wiki that may cause harm to it and its members. Accidental things and new users who do not know any better will not be added.

Feel free to contact Admin if you see someone who should be added but is not, we will look into it before making a final decision. Keep in mind this is not a page to keep everyone from having fun or for slandering names; this is to prevent certain users from getting away with things someone might not catch because they didn't know about the users bad behavior and to make sure the other users are safe and have fun.

If a user behaves or no longer comes around they will be removed.

Name + Reason + Details

Previously Banned Members

(If you see these return, make sure to REPORT them to an Admin right away!)


  • Spouts random nonsense related to the series. 
  • Asked to stop numerous times and refuses to listen.
  • Intimidating comments.

Kaede Manaka/Various forms of that/Sakura Mizuki Harlaown

  • Harasses a user they stole art from and attacks those defending said user.
  • Swears and makes threats.


  • Plagarizes various wiki content and will not remove it.
  • Ignores warnings
  • Makes Sockpuppet accounts
  • Poor behavior on Discord.


  • Adding their own prefered relationship details on character pages with nothing official to back up their claims.  
  • Has had several edits undone.
  • Got into multiple Edit Wars with another member over said edits.
  • Has been asked/told to stop and warned numerous times.


  • Spammer on all Aikatsu and various other wiki.
  • Uploads Cartoon Network based screenshots and random Aikatsu things.
  • Won't respond to others and refuses to stop unless banned.
  • Determined to make all the Aikatsu WIkis "Adrian Only" for the past three years, but since he doesn't have a life, he doesn't give up and spends all his time he could spend being a billionaire on trying to waste his efforts on trashing the Aikatsu wikis.


  • Rude and hostile behavior towards administrators.
  • Multiple warnings but refuses to follow through.
  • Abusing multiple accounts.
  • Endless spewing about the end of the series without mentioning the root of their argument.
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