The All Aikatsu! Wiki: Plus or Minus Competition is a members only Competition on the wiki currently being run by Admin Chrismh. The Competitions vary between Idols, Songs, Brands, Stages, Special Appeals, and so on.

Official Rules

1. This is a very easy game that works by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. In the comment you must pick 2 items to give a +1 or a -1 to. The vote only counts if you do that.

2. When an Item reaches a vote of +5 votes or -5, they will either be cleared to move on, or eliminated from the game. Basically, you can't vote for them anymore until the next round.

3. The game moves onto the next round when everything has a + or - 5 next to it. In the case of there only being one left, I will decide if they pass or fail based on current standings.

4. You can only vote once a day, and you cannot edit your vote; unless its to fix a spelling error or if you're aware you made a mistake, but make sure you say that during your re-edit, otherwise the edit will be ignored and not count.

5. You must wait a full 24 hours since your last vote before you can vote again (you can tell when its been a day because comments are time stamped). If you break this rule without any good reason (like if you're going to be leaving for a few days or something) three times, you will be forbidden from playing!

6. I expect no mean-spirited or snotty behavior, you're to behave the way you do on the wiki normally. Harmless frustration (such as complaints about your favorite losing) is fine as long as it doesn't drag on and cause drama.

7. If I tell you to re-vote, this is because someone can no longer be chosen and the list was not up to date when you voted. Sometimes this is likely to happen. But if you take too long to re-vote, I might not see it an thus the vote might not be counted later.

8. Vote based on your preferences; pick who/what you want. I don't want to see shallow voting, which is basically when someone feeling spiteful or wronged might say something like "well you voted my favorite out, so I'll vote down your favorite". It could also be someone who says this "I hate that picture, so I voted her down." This is not meant to be a personal thing, it's just a game.

9. PLEASE let me know if you think I made a mistake- I try my best to stay up to date and make sure everything is accurate, but sometimes I mess up <3<

Current Competition

Please check the latest Chrismh's Blog Post for the current round in progress HERE!

Winner Gallery

Image Winner Competition
AS82147 Yume Nijino Aikatsu Protagonist
Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 11.56.19 AM Hime Shiratori Cute Idol
AS4699 Tsubasa Kisaragi Cool Idol
Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 9.55.30 PM Ako Saotome Pop Idol
AS64142 Mahiru Kasumi Sexy Idol
TBA TBA Second Rate Idol Queen/
Loser Idols Second Chance
螢幕快照 2016-04-28 下午10.23.09

S4 Uniform

School Uniform
AS100173 Marching School Coord
Angel Arrow Cute Appeal
TBA TBA Cool Appeal
TBA TBA Sexy Appeal
TBA TBA Pop Appeal
螢幕快照 2014-07-03 下午07.33.07
Eternally Flickering Flame Ichigo gen. Song
TBA TBA Akari gen. Song
TBA TBA Opening Theme
TBA TBA End Theme

Official Standings

Aikatsu Protagonist

  1. Yume Nijino
  2. Ichigo Hoshimiya
  3. Raki Kiseki
  4. Akari Ōzora
  5. Aine Yūki
  6. Mio Minato

Cute Idol

  1. Hime Shiratori
  2. Aria Futaba
  3. Madoka Amahane
  4. Sakura Kitaōji
  5. Maria Himesato
  6. Karen Kamishiro
  7. Wakaba Harukaze

Cool Idols

  1. Tsubasa Kisaragi
  2. Rei Kizaki
  3. Yurika Tōdō
  4. Alicia Charlotte
  5. Sumire Hikami
  6. Rin Kurosawa
  7. Seira Otoshiro
  8. Rola/Laura Sakuraba
  9. Lily Shirogane
  10. Sakuya Shirayuri
  11. Aoi Kiriya
  12. Shion Kamiya
  13. Kaguya Shirayuri

Pop Idols

  1. Ako Saotome
  2. Mirai Asuka
  3. Yuzu Nikaidō
  4. Kirara Hanazono
  5. Ema Hinata
  6. Otome Arisugawa
  7. Kaede Ichinose
  8. Nina Dōjima
  9. Mikuru Natsuki
  10. Hinaki Shinjō
  11. Kokone Kurisu
  12. Kī Saegusa

Sexy Idols

  1. Mahiru Kasumi
  2. Maika Chōno
  3. Ran Shibuki
  4. Koharu Nanakura
  5. Yozora Kasumi
  6. Risa Shirakaba
  7. Sora Kazesawa
  8. Miyabi Fujiwara
  9. Nono Daichi
  10. Juri Kurebayashi
  11. Hibiki Tenshō
  12. Mizuki Kanzaki
  13. Hikari Minowa
  14. Elza Forte

School Coord

  1. Marching
  2. Link
  3. Torte
  4. Line
  5. Top Star
  6. Venus
  7. High Parade
  8. Twin
  9. Parade
  10. Dream
  11. Star
  12. Stage

School Uniform

  1. S4 Uniform
  2. Four Stars Admin
  3. Starlight School
  4. Four Stars Academy
  5. Dream Academy
  6. Venus Ark
  7. Four Stars Normal/Admin Summer
  8. Dream Academy Summer
  9. Etoile
  10. Himezakura
  11. Starlight School Summer
  12. Naniwa World's No. 1 Academy
  13. Star Harmony Normal
  14. Star Harmony Middle/High School Idol
  15. Moonlit Night

Cute Appeal

  1. Angel Arrow
  2. Dream Melody
  3. Angel Garden
  4. Dreaming Heart
  5. Cute Charm
  6. Happiness For You
  7. Heartful World
  8. Ribbon Holic
  9. Cute Flash
  10. Humming Patchwork

Ichigo gen. Song

  1. Eternally Flickering Flame
  2. Take Me Higher
  3. Adult Mode
  4. Glass Doll
  5. Sweet Sp!ce
  6. Friend
  7. Idol Activity!
  8. Aurora Princess
  9. Prism Spiral
  10. Melody of Heart
  11. Kira・pata・shining
  12. Trap of Love
  13. Happiness on the Same Earth
  14. Moonlight Destiny
  15. Angel Snow
  16. Growing For a Dream
  17. Fashion Check!
  18. Shining Sky on the G String
  19. Magical Time
  20. Stranger Alien
  21. Wake up my Music
  22. Happy Crescendo
  23. Dance in the Rain
  24. Chu Chu Rainbow
  25. Smiling Suncatcher
  26. Move on Now
  27. Ponytail After School
  28. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
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