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Asuka Amahane
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Kanji 天羽あすか
Romaji Amahane Asuka
Gender Female
Age around 40-50
Occupation Top Designer
Affiliation Angely Sugar
First Appearance
Anime Aikatsu! Episode 09 - Move on now!
Seiyū Kikuko Inoue

Asuka Amahane (天羽あすか) is a character in the Aikatsu on Parade! series. She is the top designer of Angely Sugar and also the grandmother of Madoka Amahane.



Asuka is a light skinned middle-aged woman with dark pink-red colored eyes worn behind pink glasses. She has slightly puffed, pale pink colored hair and wears light amounts of pink makeup. She has a pink outfit and wears a big lilac pearl necklace and pink earrings.


She is a mild-mannered middle-aged woman with a cutesy personality.


She is Ringo Hoshimiya's and Orihime Mitsuishi's friend. It is revealed in Ichigo Panic that she is a mother, and originally created Angely Bear for her children. She likes having Ichigo help her in many things pertaining to Angely Sugar.


Ichigo is Asuka's most favored idol, as she climbed up the cliff without knowing there was an elevator to the top designer's workhouse for a Premium Rare Coord, inspiring Asuka by her will and power. Asuka is glad to see Ichigo wear her dresses as she knows that she came prepared to carry the burden of the designers and to let the dress shine on stage. Asuka carries out many requests from Ichigo, and every time she carries out a request, she puts in all her effort into it no matter how much time it would take, and her focus and effort she put into making the dresses inspired Tsubasa Sena and Madoka.
Madoka is Asuka's granddaughter, and Madoka has been observing her grandmother making dresses since she was a child, and wanted to wear the dresses she made. Asuka knew that Madoka had a barrier that she couldn't overcome: the barrier that prevented to ask Asuka if Madoka wanted a dress from her, and Madoka understood her position as a top designer's granddaughter, and she shouldn't have priorities compared to those who give in all their effort for one dress. Asuka was later glad that Madoka had finally come to ask her for a dress, and stated that she overcame that wall. It was then Asuka gave Madoka her first Premium Rare and Angely Sugar Coord.
Tsubasa is Asuka's pupil and she is the one who recommended him to start his own brand. Tsubasa is highly inspired by Asuka's focus and effort she puts into making her dresses and wants to understand why she puts all her effort for Ichigo Hoshimiya. Tsubasa holds a great deal of respect for her and in return, she holds high hopes for him.
Raki is a Star Harmony Student and a friend of Asuka's muse, Ichigo. Raki went to her to ask for her opinion on the Constellation Dress she designed after Ichigo's. Even though Asuka admires it, it is a still a copy of the original and need Raki to put her own feeling into her dress. Asuka teached Raki and help her improve her dress. Asuka considers Raki her pupil.


Amahane (天羽) Ama () means sky and Hane () means feathers.

Asuka (あすか) is commonly written as 明日香 in Kanji. Asu (明日) means tomorrow and Ka () means aroma.


"To create something truly original, it's important to see all sort of dresses and take influence from them."

– Asuka to Raki



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