An autograph is something an idol will give to her fans. Each idol has a unique autograph. They can often be found on official merchandise or signed live.

List of Autographs

Aikatsu Planet!

Idols Autograph Summary
Hana Mao Otoha Autograph TBA
Ruli Ruli Tamaki Autograph TBA
Beat Kyōko Umekōji Autograph TBA
Shiori Shiori Motoya Autograph TBA
Q-pit Ayumi Tsukishiro Autograph TBA
Ann Ann Kurimu Autograph TBA
Rose Meisa Hinata Autograph TBA
Sala Sala Itoi Autograph TBA

Aikatsu! Ichigo Gen.

Idols Autograph Summary
Ichigo Hoshimiya Ichigo Hoshimiya Autograph A Romaji cursive script "Ichigo" with the "I" written as a strawberry, a ribbon, smile flower, the words "Thank you" with a bunny within the g's loop, and so on with Ichigo's picture in there.
Aoi Kiriya Aoi Kiriya Autograph A kanji and hiragana "霧矢あおい" with a star at the end.
Ran Shibuki Ran Shibuki Autograph Romaji cursive script "Ran Shibuki."
Otome Arisugawa Otome Arisugawa Autograph A kanji and hiragana "ありす川おとめ" written to shape a face.
Yurika Tōdō Yurika Tōdō Autograph Romaji cursive script "Yurika" with picture of a castle.
Sakura Kitaōji Sakura Kitaōji Autograph  Romaji cursive script "Sakura."
Kaede Ichinose TBA Romaji cursive script "Kaede" with a picture of a flying bear.
Hikari Minowa TBA Kanji and katakana "三ノ輪ヒカリ".
Shion Kamiya TBA Romaji print "Kamiya Sion" with a flower for the "o" and and a small heart after "Sion."
Mizuki Kanzaki Mizuki Kanzaki Autograph Romaji cursive script of her initial "MK" within a heart.
Mikuru Natsuki Mikuru Natsuki Autograph Romanji cursive "Mikuru" inside a heart with an arrow through the heart.
Seira Otoshiro Seira Otoshiro Autograph Romaji cursive script "Seira" with a lightning bolt.
Kī Saegusa Kī Saegusa Autograph Romaji print script "Saegusa" with a star at the end with "Kii" written as a cat.
Sora Kazesawa Sora Kazesawa Autograph Romaji print "Sora" with a bird; supposedly Palm.
Maria Himesato Maria Himesato Autograph  Kanji and hiragana "姫里まりあ" (instead of katakana "マリア") with a drawing of a daisy with red color.
Noeru Otoshiro Noeru Otoshiro Autograph  Romaji cursive script "Noeru" with a heart attached to the last letter.

Aikatsu! Akari Gen.

Idols Autograph Summary
Akari Ōzora Akari Ōzora Autograph Cursive hiragana "あかり" with a balloon heart at the top.
Sumire Hikami Sumire Hikami Autograph Romaji cursive "Sumire."
Hinaki Shinjō Hinaki Shinjō Autograph Cursive hiragana "しんじょうひなき" with a picture of a winking star.
Juri Kurebayashi Juri Kurebayashi Autograph Cursive hiragana "くればやし じゅり" with sparkles at the end.
Yū Hattori Yū Hattori Autograph Romaji Hattori with a star above the "i", inside a "U" that represents the first name Yu.
Rin Kurosawa Rin Kurosawa Autograph Romaji "Rin Kuro".
Madoka Amahane Madoka Amahane Autograph Romaji "Madoka" with a wing and a face with two arms for the "M".
Nono Daichi Nono Daichi Autograph Hiragana "だいちのの" with the dakuten written as flowers.
Risa Shirakaba Risa Shirakaba Autograph Romaji cursive "Risa" with the "a" leading into a spade-shaped devil tail.
Miyabi Fujiwara Miyabi Fujiwara Autograph Hiragana "ふじわらみやび" with a line going through it and drawing of a face with a kanzashi at the end.
Kokone Kurisu Kokone Kurisu Autograph Romaji "Kokone" with "Kok" written as a face.
Nina Dōjima TBA Romaji writing of "Dōjima Nina", with a smiley face in the D and ears on top of it that matches those Nina often wears. The "a" at the end of both words are drawn in the shape of an eye.

Aikatsu Stars!

Idols Autograph Summary
Yume Nijino Yume Nijino Autograph Romaji with her last name written first. The "n" in Nijino is drawn largely to incorporate a face inside and has two ears beside it to look like a koala. The I's in the surname uses tiny hearts as the dot. Connected to the E at the end of her first name is a small cloud with three rainbow trails.
Rola Sakuraba Rola Sakuraba Autograph Bubbly Romanji cursive, surname first, with two hearts above it.
Mahiru Kasumi Mahiru Kasumi Autograph Romaji cursive of her first name. A swirled sun design connects to the U.
Ako Saotome Ako Saotome Autograph Romaji of her surname, with a cat head drawn on top of the line extended from the S. Beneath the cat is a smiley face with large eyes sticking its tongue out.
Koharu Nanakura Koharu Nanakura Autograph Stylised Kanji that is written in a smiling bunny head. A stroke from the last letter extends into a curved heart. 
Yuzu Nikaidō Yuzu Nikaidō Autograph Romaji cursive with a large tangerine connected to the Y of Yuzu. Eyes and a mouth are drawn on it. At the end of her last name is an exclamation mark.
Lily Shirogane Lily Shirogane Autograph Romaji cursive of her first name. The i in her first name use a heart as a dot. At the end of her name is a birdcage design with a black bird above on it.
Hime Shiratori Hime Shiratori Autograph Romaji cursive with a swan drawn around it that connects from the i. A small bow is drawn on the swans head, with one-half of the bow filled and the other hollow.
Tsubasa Kisaragi Tsubasa Kisaragi Autograph Romaji cursive of her first name in a sharp slant. From the bottom of the T, the line extends into the shape of two sideway wings.
Yozora Kasumi Yozora Kasumi Autograph Romaji cursive of her first name with a curved line beneath it. From the a extends a line shaped like a star.
Elza Forte Elza Forte Autograph Cursive writing of her full name.
Kirara Hanazono Kirara Hanazono Autograph Kanji of hana and hiragana of zono to make up her surname. Kirara is written in hiragana, with the characters of kira forming the body of a lamb, and the last ra outside of it. A lamb-like face is drawn into the body. All short strokes of the characters are replaced by dots.
Rei Kizaki Rei Kizaki Autograph Romaji writing of her name in sharp clean strokes, surname first. The letter "K" is combined with the design under her name that forms a sword.
Aria Futaba Aria Futaba Autograph Romaji writing of her name in a slightly curly style. A ribbon is on top of "F" in the surname, and the first name ends in another ribbon as well. The dot of the "i" in "Aria" is written with a heart instead.

Aikatsu Friends!

Idols Autograph Summary
Aine Yūki Aine Yūki Autograph Hiragana writing of her full name, "ゆうきあいね", with the "yu" in her surname is drawn as a treble clef with a smiley face inside it. The "i" in her first name is drawn inside "a" acting as eyes and "ne" ends with an eighth note.
Mio Minato Mio Minato Autograph Romaji sharp-stroke writing of "Mio", with the dot in the letter "i" is drawn as a star, with the name underlined that ends into a star.
Maika Chōno Maika Chōno Autograph Romaji cursive writing of "Maika", with the extended line from the dot of the "i" acting as the left antenna of a butterfly, and the "k" drawn in the shape of the right antenna, body and wings of a butterfly.
Ema Hinata Ema Hinata Autograph Romaji bubbly writing of "Ema", with the "e" drawn like a bear head, the ears extending into pigtails that refers to Ema's own.
Sakuya Shirayuri Sakuya Shirayuri Autograph Romaji cursive writing of "Sakuya", with the top half of the "S" drawn in the image of a waning crescent.
Kaguya Shirayuri Kaguya Shirayuri Autograph Hiragana writing of her first name "かぐや" in a near-horizontal manner. A waxing crescent is drawn beside the name.
Karen Kamishiro Karen Kamishiro Autograph Kanji and katakana writing of "神城カレン" in a vertical manner, with a stroke in "shiro" extended and ending in a heart, along with the "n" drawn as an angel wing.
Mirai Asuka Mirai Asuka Autograph Romaji block writing of "Mirai' in a vertical manner, with the "a" drawn as a funny face.
Hibiki Tenshō Hibiki Tenshō Autograph Kanji and hiragana writing of her full name in the vertical manner.
Alicia Charlotte Alicia Charlotte Autograph Romaji cursive writing of her full name in an elegant style. Two snowflakes are drawn above and the last letter of her last name extends a line to a small twirl acting as an icy wind.
Wakaba Harukaze Wakaba Harukaze Autograph Hiragana writing of her first name "わかば" in a cute style, with the first stroke of "わ" drawn as a sprout and a winking face inside it. Three strokes beside the letter "wa" are drawn acting as a wind.

Aikatsu on Parade!

Idols Autograph Summary
Raki Kiseki Raki Kiseki Autograph TBA


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