A Brand (ブランド) is the general term that identifies the distinctive product of a company. In the Aikatsu! universe, the term "brand" is used to describe the company in which the Aikatsu! franschise cards are from.

Each brand is based on one of the four idol types: Cute, Cool, Sexy, or Pop and from there create designs with themes and styles unique to that brand. There are currently fourty one known regular brands and ten known friends/unit brands.


Angely Sugar

Logo as

Angely Sugar (エンジェリーシュガー) is a cute-type brand that uses frills, ribbons and feathers to make girls lovely with the magic of angels. The top designer is Asuka Amahane, and is Ichigo Hoshimiya, Madoka Amahane and Noeru Otoshiro's preferred brand.

Futuring Girl

Logo fg

Futuring Girl (フューチャーリングガール) is a cool-type brand that features brilliant materials and geometric shapes that create futuristic dresses that are stylish and pretty. The top designer is Rei Kamishiro, and is Aoi Kiriya and Shion Kamiya's preferred brand.

Spicy Ageha

Logo sa

Spicy Ageha (スパイシーアゲハ) is a sexy-type brand that features bold-revealing, sexy and gorgeous dresses that make girls shine like a swallowtail butterfly and flutter high up in the sky. The top designer is Anna Tachibana, and is Ran Shibuki and Hikari Minowa's preferred brand.

Happy Rainbow

Logo hr

Happy Rainbow (ハッピーレインボー) is a pop-type brand that features vivid colors and fruit motifs, dresses like a rainbow lighting up the blue sky. The top designer is Makoto Nijigabara, and is Otome Arisugawa's preferred brand.

Loli Gothic

Logo lg

Loli Gothic (ロリゴシック) is a cool-type brand that uses gothic and lolita as its theme. The brand combines goth-loli style with that of the Medieval Ages and the Victorian Era. The top designer is Maya Yumekoji, and is Yurika Tōdō and Sumire Hikami's preferred brand.

Aurora Fantasy

Logo af

Aurora Fantasy (オーロラファンタジー) is a cute-type brand whose dresses are wrapped in fine colors like an aurora that decorates the night sky, like a character straight out of a fairytale. The Top designers are twins Green Grass, and is Sakura Kitaōji and Maria Himesato's preferred brand.

Love Queen

Logo lq

Love Queen (ラブクイーン) is a sexy-type brand which has an abundant amount of gorgeous party dresses, luxurious and sexy, along with dazzling jewelry for the feeling of royalty. The top designer and sole user is Mizuki Kanzaki.

Magical Toy

Logo mt

Magical Toy (マジカルトイ) is a pop-type brand that is unique and poppy, a magical reflection of amusement parks and carnivals. The dresses are all bright, neon and rainbow. The top designer is Marcel, and is Kaede Ichinose and Kī Saegusa's preferred brand.

Swing Rock

Logo swr

Swing Rock (スイングロック) is a cool-type brand that consists of rock and steampunk styled designs. Music is a main motif in the band. The top designer is Makina, and is Seira Otoshiro and Yū Hattori's preferred brand.

Bohemian Sky

Logo bs

Bohemian Sky (ボヘミアンスカイ) is a sexy-type brand that is filled with nature motifs, ethnic styles, floral concepts, and fringe and stripe-type designs. The top designer is Sora Kazesawa.

Love Moonrise

Logo lm

Love Moonrise (ラブムーンライズ) is a sexy-type brand that is the evolved version of Love Queen. The brand's dresses are filled with its moon motif, and gives off an exotic and sexy feel. The top designer and sole user is Mizuki Kanzaki.

Vivid Kiss

Logo vk

Vivid Kiss (ヴィヴィッドキス) is a pop-type brand that infuses the Californian casual wear and west-coast design to bring out its freedom of expression. The top designer is Kayoko, and is Hinaki Shinjō and Mikuru Natsuki's preferred brand.

Dreamy Crown

Logo dc

Dreamy Crown (ドリーミークラウン) is a cute-type brand suited for independent girls, incorporating cute elements with designs that have just the right amount of sweetness, along with an aristocratic style. The top designer is Tsubasa Sena, and is Akari Ōzora's preferred brand.

Sangria Rosa

Logo ro

Sangria Rosa (サングリアロッサ) is a sexy-type brand inspired by the beauty of the Andalusian lands in Spain, infusing colors of red and orange to represent freedom and passion. The top designer is Encierro Atsuji, and is Juri Kurebayashi's preferred brand.

Sakurairo Kaden

Logo sk

Sakurairo Kaden (桜色花伝 lit. Cherry Blossom-Colored Legend) is a sexy-type brand that delivers the beauty and charm of the Kimono, fusing its original elegance and courteousness with a modern dressy arrangement. The top designer is Nagaoka, and is Miyabi Fujiwara's preferred brand.

Dance Fusion

Logo df

Dance Fusion (ダンスフュージョン) is a cool-type brand with a dance theme that has neon colors glowing and shining on top of designs, and uses a cold color palette to allow one's dance stage to shine. The top designer is Sunny, and is Rin Kurosawa's preferred brand.

Retro Clover

Logo rc

Retro Clover (レトロクローバー) is a pop-type brand representing the classical retro taste of the 60's and 70's, bringing the touch of nostalgia with pop and colorful geometric patterns. The top designer is the owner of Retro Cafe in Kōbe, and is Kokone Kurisu's preferred brand.

Dolly Devil

Logo ddvl

Dolly Devil (ドーリーデビル) is a sexy-type brand where its designs tingles the heart of maidens to have the freedom to do whatever they want, to become a brand new person, sometimes a spicy doll and sometimes a sexy devil. The top designer is Lucy Kisaragi, and is Nono Daichi and Risa Shirakaba's preferred brand.

Mecha PaniQ

Logo mp

Mecha PaniQ (メチャパニック) is a pop-type brand with funny and confusing designs along with colorful neon pastel colors, footprints of dinosaurs, eggs and eyeballs to create a unique motif and a brand that shows a different view of the world around us. It is Nina Dōjima's preferred brand.

Aikatsu Stars!

My Little Heart

Logo mlh

My Little Heart (マイリトルハート) is a cute-type brand. It comes with lovely motifs such as ribbons, hearts, and laces, and is a sweet brand adored by many girls. It was founded by Hime Shiratori, and is also Aria Futaba's preferred brand.

Spice Chord

Logo sc

Spice Chord (スパイスコード) is a cool-type brand. The concept of making everyday exciting, the brand gives a girl that hard rock edge with a twist of girly style. It is Rola Sakuraba and Tsubasa Kisaragi's preferred brand.

Romance Kiss

Logo rk

Romance Kiss (ロマンスキス) is a sexy-type brand. It shows styles of show outfits to exotic dresses. This brand travels the world of elegance and femininity. It is Mahiru Kasumi and Yozora Kasumi's preferred brand.

Shiny Smile

Logo ss

Shiny Smile (シャイニースマイル) is a pop-type brand that sparks a bright, popping style inspired with flowers and fruits. A fresh look to make anyone feel happy wearing or looking at it. It is Yuzu Nikaidō's preferred brand. 

Gothic Victoria

Logo gv

Gothic Victoria (ゴシックヴィクトリア) is a cool-type brand that takes inspiration from Middle Age, Victorian and Rococo styles. It was founded by Lily Shirogane.

Berry Parfait

Logo bp

Berry Parfait (ベリーパルフェ) is a cute-type brand that aims to deliver a fresh and energetic look, just like how berries are sweet and sour. It was founded by Yume Nijino.

FuwaFuwa Dream

Logo ffd

FuwaFuwa Dream (フワフワドリーム) is a pop-type brand that shows the desire to dream day and night through its dreamy and cute style. It is Kirara Hanazono and Ako Saotome's preferred brand.

Perfect Queen

Logo pq

Perfect Queen (パフェークトクイーン) is a sexy-type brand using regal styles to display its' elegance and flawlessness like a queen. It was founded by Elza Forte.

Rainbow Berry Parfait

Logo rbp

Rainbow Berry Parfait (レインボーベリーパルフェ) is a cute-type brand that brings happiness to both the person who wears the clothing and to the people who see it. It was founded by Yume Nijino and Koharu Nanakura, and is the evolved brand of Berry Parfait.

Royal Sword

Logo rs

Royal Sword (ロイヤルソード) is a cool-type brand that overflows with knight style royalness using swords and crowns as its motif. It was founded by Rei Kizaki.

Aikatsu Friends!

Friends Brandlist

Love Me Tear

Logo lmt

Love Me Tear (ラブミーティア) is a cute and pop type Friends brand with luxurious dresses that are just like the radiance of the shooting stars. It is Karen Kamishiro and Mirai Asuka's Friends brand.

Honey Cat

Logo hc

Honey Cat (ハニーキャット) is a pop and sexy type Friends brand with little devil-like dresses that are just like mischievous cats. It is Maika Chōno and Ema Hinata's Friends brand.

Pure Palette

Logo pp

Pure Palette (ピュアパレット) is a cool and cute type Friends brand with display radiant dresses that combine different personalities that are just like how one mixes a variety of colors on a palette. It is Aine Yūki and Mio Minato's Friends brand.

Reflect Moon

Logo rm

Reflect Moon (レフレクトムーン) is a cool type Friends brand that has dresses reflecting each others' silhouette like a mirror, emphasizing the idea of twins. It is Sakuya Shirayuri and Kaguya Shirayuri's Friends brand.

Baby Pirates

Logo bps

Baby Pirates (ベイビーパイレーツ) is a cute and sexy type Friends brand. It is Marin Manami and Rinna Shinkai's Friends brand.

I Believe

Logo ib

I Believe (アイビリーブ) is a sexy and cool type Friends brand. It is Hibiki Tenshō and Alicia Charlotte's Friends brand.

Cheer Star☆

Logo chs

Cheer Star☆ (チアスター☆) is a cute type Friends brand. It is Raki Kiseki and Wakaba Harukaze's Friends brand.

Regular Brandlist

Sugar Melody

Logo sm

Sugar Melody (シュガーメロディ) is a cute-type brand that goes down the road of royalty with its music and rhythm infused dresses and designs. The top designer is Chiharu Hachiya, and it is Aine Yūki's preferred brand.

Material Color

Logo mc

Material Color (マテリアルカーラー) is a cool-type brand that combines unique materials and patterns made perfect for a fashion leader. It was founded by Mio Minato.

Milky Joker

Logo mj

Milky Joker (ミルキージョーカー) is a pop-type brand that uses the mixtures of pastel colors and pale tones to create sweet and spicy dresses. It was founded by Mirai Asuka.

Classical Ange

Logo ca

Classical Ange (クラシカルアンジュ) is a cute-type brand filled with admiration to create dresses with the brilliance of an angel. It was founded by Karen Kamishiro.

Dancing Mirage

Logo dm

Dancing Mirage (ダンシングミラージュ) is a sexy-type brand embodying the image of a showgirl with gorgeous and sexy dresses. The top designer is Noa Shimendō, and it is Maika Chōno's preferred brand.

Colorful Shake

Logo cs

Colorful Shake (カラフルシェイク) is a pop-type brand that combines vibrant colors with a mix of pop designs to match anyone's taste. It is Ema Hinata's preferred brand.

Luna Witch

Logo lw

Luna Witch (ルナウィッチ) is a cool-type brand infusing the image of a witch who controls the moonlit night and the celestial stars. It is Sakuya Shirayuri's preferred brand.

Moon Maiden

Logo mm

Moon Maiden (ムーンメイデン) is a cool-type brand in the image of the moon's white light that combines with phantasmic dresses. It is Kaguya Shirayuri's preferred brand.

Antique Sailor

Logo asr

Antique Sailor (アンティークセーラー) is a cute-type brand that combines the oceanside image with a retro style, along with its tricolore tones. It is Marin Manami's preferred brand.

Silky Ocean

Logo so

Silky Ocean (シルキーオーシャン) is a sexy-type brand that combines gorgeous gold and embroidery designs to create a Chinese style. It is Rinna Shinkai's preferred brand.

Heavenly Perfume

Logo hp

Heavenly Perfume (ヘヴンリーパフューム) is a sexy-type brand with dresses embedding the image of a divine goddess from ancient myths. It is Hibiki Tenshō's preferred brand.

Glorious Snow

Logo gs

Glorious Snow (グロリアススノー) is a cool-type brand where crystal snowflakes highlight the elegant silhouette of the royal gothic arrangements.  It is Alicia Charlotte's preferred brand.

Humming Leaf

Logo hl

Humming Leaf (ハミングリーフ) is a cute-type brand that infuses a warm touch of countryside with its handmaid style designs. It was founded by Mirai Asuka, and it is Wakaba Harukaze's preferred brand.

Aikatsu on Parade!

Regular Brandlist

Maple Ribbon

Logo mr

Maple Ribbon (メープルリボン) is a multi-type brand that combines a cute concept with a touch of adult-like girliness. It was founded by Raki Kiseki and it is her preferred brand.

Unit Brandlist


Logo cm

Checkmate (チェックメイト) is a cool-type unit brand with its dresses based on chess. It is Yurika Tōdō, Lily Shirogane and Alicia Charlotte's unit brand.

Angel Sisters

Logo als

Angel Sisters (エンジェルシスターズ) is a cute-type unit brand formed with users of Angely Sugar, as well as their cute angelic image. It is Noeru Otoshiro, Madoka Amahane and Raki Kiseki's unit brand.

Super-Hot Girls

Logo shg

Super-Hot Girls (激アツガールズ) is a sexy-type unit brand that forges the passion, the festival, and the artisticness to create flaming hot dresses. It is Juri Kurebayashi, Maika Chōno and Hibiki Tenshō's unit brand.

PowaFuwa Dreamin'♪

Logo pfd

PowaFuwa Dreamin'♪ (ぽわフワドリーミン♪) is a pop-type unit brand to give a loving a märchen harmony, combining the soft and fluffy together. It is Otome Arisugawa, Kirara Hanazono and Ako Saotome's unit brand.

Aikatsu Planet!


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