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Dream Academy (ドリームアカデミー) is a rival idol school of Starlight School. The current headmistress of the school is Tiara Yumesaki.


The academy was founded by Tiara Yumesaki who, mentioned in Episode 63, didn't have much experience in the idol world. Because of this she asked Mizuki for advice. Mizuki, inspired by the idea of creating idols, took the job and left Starlight School after the Starlight Queen Cup. Since then Mizuki has become the background advisor for Dream Academy.

However, Mizuki has left Dream Academy as of Episode 66 in order to support idols and such, just as they supported her.


Dream Academy is a rather high-tech school using very high-classed technologies; like training machines with stabilizers, producer's personal interfaces and even the Aikatsu Phone Smart. Dream Academy also has an A-tier security system which kept the name of Seira Otoshiro as a secret until her debut performance. In addition the school also has automatic doors for the fitting room.

School Uniform

Track Suits

The track suits can be different colors depending on what type idol you are. Cute idols have pink, Sexy idols have Purple, Cool idols have blue, and Pop idols have orange.


Dream Academy has three courses:

  • Idol Course - Trains students who want to become idols.
  • Producer Course - Trains producers who will produce idols.
  • Designer Course - Trains the next generation of brand designers.

Notable Students

Exchange Students

Notable Staff


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