Episode 08 - Let's Make It! Lucky Dress
Released on November 23, 2019

Let's Make It! Lucky Dress
Episode 08
On Parade 08.png
Episode Information
Kanji 作っちゃお!ラッキードレス
English Let's Make It! Lucky Dress
Air Date
Japanese Air Date November 23, 2019
Screenplay Keiichirō Ōchi
Storyboard Yasunao Aoki
Episode Director Kento Nakagome
Animation Director Kae Takakura,
Yūri Ichinose,
Shinji Takeuchi
Featured Songs
Opening Your Entrance
Ending Original Star☆彡
Insert Song Idol Activity!
Dance in the rain
Your Entrance
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Let's Make It! Lucky Dress (作っちゃお!ラッキードレス) is the eighth episode of the Aikatsu on Parade! anime series. It aired on November 23rd, 2019.


After seeing Ichigo's stage, Raki felt inspired by her Angely Sugar constellation dress. Thinking that she also wants to create a constellation dress like Ichigo's, in order to get acknowledgment for the design she has in mind, Raki will be going up Angely Mountain to meet the designer, Asuka Amahane!


Raki shows Aine and Mio the many designs she's come up with since last time, explaining how she's been bit by the inspiration bug since meeting all of these brand new idols. As they admire the designs they are joined by Ringo, who has some tickets to a Soleil performance Ichigo sent over. The girls thank her and Raki excitedly wonders what Ichigo will dazzle her with this time.

That night at the performance the girls are seated in a large auditorium. Meanwhile, Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran share a cheer and change into their chosen coords, then appear on stage to perform "Idol Activity!".

As the audience cheers, Aine and Mio eagerly note how well they perform together. Even though they all have such contrasting personalities, their colors mix together to form one amazing new one. Raki is dying to see what cord Ichigo will be wearing for her solo performance. Ichigo appears on stage and performs "Dance in the rain", and Raki loudly screams out with excitement, dying to get to work making her own dress now. Her loudness attracts the attention of everyone surrounding them but Aine and Mio understandably agree with how she feels.

Raki returns to the Hoshimiya household and quickly draws her own Constellation dress inspired by Ichigo's. But before she can start to work on it, Mio arrives to point out that she's done research on them, and the idols here don't simply make their own dresses. The Constellation dresses are only given to the idols chosen by the top designer of the various coord brands, and as her design is heavily influenced by the Pisces dress, it would be rude towards the top designer. Raki sadly realizes that even if she wanted to make it, now she can't, but just then Ringo joins the girls having been told about what was going on. She explans that if she got permission for Asuka, then she might be allowed to make the dress- but Mio points out this can't be very easy, until Ringo reveals she already called her and she can meet Raki tomorrow. Raki perks up as she explains knowing Asuka "a bit".

That night at Starlight School, Orihime is shown observing a statue of her and Ringo together as Masquerade.

The following morning Raki prepares to depart, but out of concern Aine asks if they should come with her. Raki refuses and believes she must handle it on her own, and Ringo gives her a bento to take in case she gets hungry, then she informs her of Asuka's place being on top of Angely Mountain. Raki is sure she will be fine as she's already rock climbed once, and with that she takes off.

However, when she arrives she discovers Angely Mountain is several times bigger than the previous cliff she climbed. She worriedly stares up at it but trudges forward, quickly getting up so far until suddenly, a small rock breaks beneath her foot and she slowly skids the entire way to the bottom. Forcing herself up, Raki recalls how last time she had the others cheering her on, but now its impossible, but unless she climbs it she can't meet Asuka, so she calls Coco for some help rrock climbing. Coco initially agrees, only to stop and point out how dangerous this would be for an idol- until Ichigo pops up from behind Raki and claims she will be fine. She then sees Coco and excitedly begins to ask questions about her, and Coco introduces herself to Ichigo. Ichigo explains how in a way rock climbing is Aikatsu too, much to her concern.

Meanwhile, in order to avoid becoming lazy Aine and Mio decide to do some idol training with Aoi and Ran. They pull the very heavy roller around the exercise area and remark on how different it is to their own training. They continue pulling until they can finish one more lap, then they tiredly sit down as the girls bring them drinks. Mio asks about the other types of exercises they do around here and when Aoi brings up mountain climbing, the girls mention that they do it too, something Aoi is sure would make Ichigo very happy. Mio notes that this might be an Aikatsu all of the schools share in common, but Ran isn't very sure she agrees. Speaking of Ichigo, she brings up how she isn't with them and Ran recalls that she said she had a prior engagement.

Ichigo flawlessly climbs up the cliff side with Raki, but the second she pauses and glances down, the rock beneath her begins to crumble and Ichigo warns her not to look back. As long as she continues to look forward towards her goal she can keep going; and encouraged by this Raki begins catching up to her until they make it the whole way to the very top. Exhausted, Raki pulls herself over and Ichigo compliments her efforts.

Raki is shocked upon discovering the mountain has a elevator as they step onto the property. Ichigo explains that Asuka and visitors normally use it, and they head inside, where Raki shows her the design and explains her intentions and asks what she thinks. She likes Raki's design and compliments her efforts as Raki explains how infatuated she felt seeing Ichigo's dress design, and how she was inspired to make her own, which led to this imitation. But she wants to create it and can't keep it to herself, so she's hoping Asuka would allow her to make it.

Asuka rejects her request, then explains that while it is lovely, it also has a lot of room for improvements and she knows Raki can make it even better. In fact she offers to refine it with Raki, and she excitedly agrees. Ichigo congratulates her and Raki thanks Ichigo for helping her, although she asks how she knew she would be there. Ichigo brings up that her mom told her, and she just knew she had to be there to support her.

From that moment, Raki and Asuka get to work, with Raki making several designs as Ichigo continues showing support. Asuka comes by as Raki sleeps and gives her a blanket, and the following day Raki makes her finalized design, which earns approval from Asuka.

Soon, the final live performance of Soleil's tour is going to be held, but before they begin they wanted everyone to meet the up-and-coming idol everyone has been talking about lately. The audience cheers as Raki admires her beautiful new coord, and she changes, appearing on stage to perform "Your Entrance".

After the performance Raki happily tells everyone how she felt being on he same stage as Soleil while Aine and Mio compliment her special coord and how it fit her. Ichigo agrees, and calls it a "Lucky Dress", much to her confusion, but she knows it fits her and she enjoys it. She admires the coord once more as Asuka says that soon enough she will make a brand new, unique dress to call her own. As a growing designer trying to create something truly original, its important to see all sorts of dresses and take influence, because this is how they learn and grow. Raki agrees and thanks Asuka, who says she is excited to see what she comes up with, and just then she sees her card glowing, signaling that they must go.

Just then the large doors appears and Raki opens it. They say goodbye to the others and take off, but through the corridor they step out to see they've now been taken to sea on a boat.

Meanwhile, from another place on the boat is Saya, who comments on how the world of Aikatsu is becoming one.




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