An Idol Aura (アイドルオーラ) is the "trademark" or "scent" of an idol. Each idol has a different aura depending on their type, theme, and personality.

Note: Due to re-used performances creating an inconsistency with idols' aura changes, this page will only include their latest aura. To see all of each idols' different individual auras that have changed over time, please visit the following websites, or click the headers per series' section:

List of Idol Auras

Aikatsu! Idols

First Appearance Idols Aura Picture Summary
05 Sumire Hikami OP005122.png Large, crystal fortune-telling dice, emeralds, sapphires, sky blue and yellow multi-pointed stars, and a mass of white and light blue sparkles. Sumire is covered in a lavender glow.
07 Ran Shibuki Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 1.21.37 PM.png Purple, blue and green butterflies with gold rims that leaving behind a trail of golden sparkles in their wake, along with golden coins. The butterflies circle around her.  She is covered in a purple glow.
Aoi Kiriya Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 1.28.33 PM.png  8-Bit blue stars and 8-Bit snow flakes and colorful planets,  along with small green and purple stars and dark blue pearls. She is covered in a blue glow.
Ichigo Hoshimiya Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 3.48.16 PM.png A wing aura of four feather wings in a glittery gradient of pink, blue, and purple. Each wing has an ornate design and several crystals. Pink and golden yellow glitter can also be seen radiating from them. She is covered in a pink glow.
12 Seira Otoshiro Screenshot 20191221-112719 Video Player.jpg Composed of hot pink music notes, surrounded by a rock chain with electric blue hearts, hot pink stars, and embellished hearts. The rock chain also has electric blue beads.
Kī Saegusa Screenshot 20191221-112616 Video Player.jpg Composed of white sparkles, an alicorn that leaves a pale yellow trail, and bubbles that are filled with an assortment of objects and shapes of different colors, leaving behind a trail of yellowish-orange sparkles.
Maria Himesato Screenshot 20191221-112815 Video Player.jpg Composed of hot pink impatiens and geranium flowers, as well as green fairy dust that floats in the air. Fairytale figures such as tiaras, pumpkin carriages and a castle in a forest form a ring around her.
14 Nina Dōjima 螢幕快照 2015-11-26 下午09.54.57.png Composed of glowing, bouncing spheres that leaves wavy neon pastel pink and yellow trails, neon pastel orange bows with tangerine polka dots, and small white daisies.
17 Yurika Tōdō Screenshot 20200201-155139 Video Player.jpg Composed of black ribbons, feathers, and magenta prism hearts that flow from her vicinity. She is surround by a white chandelier that varies in size.
18 Sora Kazesawa OP018067.png Composed mainly of multi-colored decorative furballs in pink, indigo, green, and orange. There are also jeweled pins, beaded jewelry and ethnic-style dreamcatchers that surround her.
Akari Ōzora OP018121.png Composed of semi-translucent baby pink and lavender hearts surrounding her with hearts and glitter floating around along with magenta pansies hovering above her.
20 Nono Daichi Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 2.45.14 PM.png Composed of falling white pearls and coral red stars, and a surrounding circle that alternates between violet ruffles and light pink gemstones.
Risa Shirakaba Composed of falling white pearls and shiny black ribbons, and a surrounding circle that alternates between light pink ruffles and violet gemstones.
21 Rin Kurosawa OP021104.png Composed of translucent, halftone dot equalizers alternate between violet, star-shaped equalizers, and equalizer skylines in neon yellow, blue, green, and purple. Along with a mass of white sparkles and small, blue star gems.
Madoka Amahane OP021244.png Composed of feathers, colorful pastel clouds and heart-shaped cookies covered with pink, blue or yellow royal icing art of small feathers, hearts, olive leaves, ribbons, and white doves.

Aikatsu Stars! Idols

First Appearance Idols Aura Picture Summary
02 Mahiru Kasumi OP002041.png Jewels, beads, jeweled flowers and magenta ribbon-gems circle around her. The sun-motif are each surrounded by a circle of blue beads. Jeweled flowers and crystal beads float around her body. She also has a violet glow.
06 Yume Nijino OP006169.png Rainbow stars and pink spheres circle around her. Six-pointed blue shooting stars fly above her, fading in explosions of blue sparks. Blue flowers radiate from the ground. She is covered in a pink glow.
11 Rola Sakuraba OP011143.png

One blue arch of a music trail, with yellow musical notes. The other is a thin, rippled purple arch with a white chain segment going through the middle.

Later, Rola gains a progression aura, composed of a blue pearl chain with purple bows. Cherry blossoms and purple sparkles float around her. She bears a blue glow with pink circle beneath her.

13 Rei Kizaki Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 11.58.26 AM.png Blue gems and gold glitter float in the air. Blue tassels with golden knots and blue diamonds, as well as twin iridescent swords with golden handles circle around her. She is covered in a cornflower blue glow and ice blue glitter.
Yozora Kasumi Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 12.13.01 PM.png A golden jewel arch of beads, crystals and pearls, and a violet ribbon arch with a bow on the corner rotate around her. Crystals, pearls and glitter float around her. She bears a violet glow with a sheer violet circle beneath her.
14 Yuzu Nikaidō Screenshot 20200111-152709 Video Player.jpg A red and white swirl candy cane arch, and a green bubble sphere arch. Bubbles, topaz and green glitter float around her. She bears a yellow glow with a sheer blue circle beneath her.
15 Ako Saotome OP015142.png The white lines with pearls and flower bouquets, form a chain-like circle. The large, translucent blue, gold and green spheres floating around. She bears a yellow glow fuchsia glitter with loosely flowers.
Kirara Hanazono A pale yellow glow with pink glitter. Translucent pink spheres, rainbow stars and crescent moons floating around. Blue clouds with white stripe and dot form around her with rainbow arches.
17 Lily Shirogane Screenshot 20200201-145149 Video Player.jpg An indigo rose vine arch with blue spheres and glitter, and a fuschia and violet double-chain arch rotate around her. Purple glitter and fleur-de-lis symbols surround her. She bears an ice blue glow.
20 Aria Futaba Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 2.33.25 PM.png Aria is surrounded by a pink glow with teal glitter. Blue butterflies and diamonds are floating around her. Large bubbles with the lilies-of-the-Valley encased inside, and golden ornaments form a circle around her body.

Aikatsu Friends! Idols

First Appearance Idols Aura Picture Summary
02 Aine Yūki OP002158.png Musical notes made of pink, heart shaped jewels that break apart along with yellow rings surrounding her body. Aine is covered in a pink glow with glitter of the same color surrounding her body as well.
04 Maika Chōno Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 1.11.29 AM.png Butterflies that break into sparks of golden yellow light along with flames and sparks hovering around her body. Maika is covered in a violet glow with glitter of the same color surrounding her body as well.
Ema Hinata Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 1.16.11 AM.png Multi-colored stars decorated with polka dot and diagonal stripe designs along with spiked balls surrounding her body. Ema is covered in a yellow glow with glitter of the same color surrounding her body as well.
10 Mirai Asuka Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 10.59.05 PM.png Various neon-colored triangles that break apart, along with star polyhedrons that are surrounded by plasma currents circle her. She is covered in a glow the same shade as the garnet stone.
Karen Kamishiro Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 11.24.33 PM.png Beaded, golden flowers that break apart into flecks of light, along with white feathers. She is covered in a glow the same shade as the aquamarine stone.
16 Hibiki Tenshō Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 9.02.18 PM.png Purple phoenix feathers circle around her, moving upwards and fade out while the golden suns are spreading out and burst into yellow sparkles. She is covered in a glow the same shade as the ruby stone.
19 Alicia Charlotte Screenshot 20200217-125045 Video Player.jpg A transparent, ice diamond and fleur-de-lis patterned chain spirals around her, moving upwards while the snowflakes and glitter are spreading out and burst into snow powders. Alicia is covered in a cyan glow.
Mio Minato Screenshot 20200217-135003 Video Player.jpg Spheres made of multi-colored geometric shapes that break apart along with bubbles surrounding her body. Mio is covered in a blue glow with neon yellow glitter surrounding her body as well.
21 Wakaba Harukaze OP021044.png Embroidery-like flowers, vines, leaves and hearts ‘’dancing‘’ around her with dandelions burst into white, fluffy florets that are gliding. She is covered in a glow the same shade as the topaz stone.

Aikatsu on Parade! Idols

First Appearance Idols Aura Picture Summary
01 Raki Kiseki Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 1.11.35 AM.png Golden yellow ribbons that form hearts circle around her. Golden yellow stars that spin in place and have angel wings can also be seen hovering around as they spread out and fade away. She also has a golden glow.
08 Screenshot 20191124-053637 Video Player.jpg In Episode 8, ruby ribbons that form bows and hearts go around her. Pink stars with angel wings spin in place. They turn translucent white and fade away. Yellow, blue and pink sparkles float around her. She also has a light pink glow.
13 Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 12.18.33 PM.png In Episode 13, violet ribbons that form bows and hearts go around her. Violet stars with angel wings spin in place. They turn translucent white and fade away. Yellow, blue and pink sparkles float around her. She also has a light violet glow.
16 Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 9.46.14 PM.png In Episode 16, royal blue ribbons that form bows and hearts go around her. Blue stars with angel wings spin in place. They turn translucent and fade. Various colored sparkles, circles and snowflakes float around her. She also has a light blue glow.
18 Raki Kiseki (mature final form) OP018201.png Color-shifting ribbons of gold, ruby, violet and blue that form bows and hearts go around her. Stars with angel wings spin in place. They turn translucent and fade. Various colored sparkles float around her. She also has a light pink glow.

List of Unit Auras

First Appearance Unit Aura Picture Summary
01 Pure Palette Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 1.00.01 AM.png Heart-shaped crystals with golden, beaded rims—linked with clear chains—form a circle around them. Flashing lights in primary colors can be seen from inside sheer hearts. Pink and blue flower petals also float in the air.
02 Yume
OP002224.png Their miracle/wing aura—Yume's rainbow ribbon and Mio's heart bow—activates. Multi-pointed stars—rainbow for Yume and white for Mio—leave trails of pink or blue glitter as they spiral around the idols.
03 Yume
Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 9.01.37 PM.png Candies and orbs, as well as clear pink spheres and purple hearts float around them. Blue stars from Yume's aura fly in semi-circles as they spin and leave trails of blue dust, then go away in explosions of blue sparks.
04 Passionate
Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 1.22.55 AM.png Juri's red and orange rose petals encompass and fall around the two of them, along with Hinaki's shooting star-lines that form and vanish fly around them both. Both idols are covered in an extremely faint, red glow.
05 Luminas OP005053.png Akari's pastel hearts form a ring and encompass the group, while Sumire's fortune-telling die, and Hinaki's shooting stars spiral from above. Each idol is covered in a faint glow of their image color: pink, blue and yellow.
OP005252.png Colorful glitters, pom-poms, as well as magenta and lavender bats fly up from the ground, while pumpkins, stars and ribbons fall downwards. Both idols are covered in a glow of their idol type: pink and yellow.
06 S4
25th Gen
OP006071.png Yuzu and Hime's spheres intertwine with Yozora's jewels that circle around them. Tsubasa's arch—with Hime's butterflies and gems—hover above them. Each idol is covered in a glow of their idol type.
08 Soleil Screenshot 20191124-045134 Video Player.jpg Ichigo's primroses spread out to encompass the entire group while Aoi and Ran's snowflakes and butterflies spiral aground them from opposite directions. Each idol is covered in a glow fitting their idol type.
09 Neo Venus Ark OP009049.png
Their aura starts off separated: Elza's magenta flowers and blue pearls; Kirara's blue clouds and pastel glitter; Rei's blue diamonds, tassels and swords; Aria's blue butterflies, diamonds, bubbles, glitter and gold jewels.

In the second half of the performance, Elza's flowers cancel out everyone else's aura, floating all around them with a golden glow. Her pearl beads also float among the petals.

WM OP009162.png Blue stardust chains fall around them magenta octahedrons, lime colored gems floating on Mikuru's side and orange and yellow roses floating on Mizuki's side.
10 Mizuki,
Elza and
Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 1.07.00 AM.png A blue triangle, a pink circle and their own aura—Mizuki's silver moon, Elza's gold rose, Hibiki's ruby jewels—circle them. Mizuki's chains and moons, Hibiki's feathers, Elza's teacup rose and glitter surround them.
11 2wingS OP011119.png Ichigo's primrose flowers encompass and spiral around them along with Seira's music notes, magenta hearts, and newly added lavender balloon flowers.
Ōzora Dream OP011259.png Their miracle/wing aura—Akari's golden leaves and Yume's rainbow ribbon—activates. Golden crowns for Akari and rainbow multi-pointed stars for Yume leave trails of pink glitter as they spiral around the idols.
14 Honey Cat 20200111 134710.jpg Yellow or orange jewel cats, and red or yellow lollipops that have electric purple ribbons circle around them. Fireworks and shimmers can also be seen above. Maika bears a purple glow while Ema bears a yellow glow.
15 Powapowa-Puririn OP015086.png Shion's ring of ribbons and diamonds, Sakura's scattering flowers, and Otome's bouncing yellow, lime green and basil green candy encircle the trio.
Three Goddess Idol OP015248.png Translucent pink hearts, triangular chains, various musical notes, well as colorful glitter hover around the idols as it slowly rises and fades away. They each have a glow: Yume's pink, Aine's yellow and Mio's blue.
16 I Believe Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 9.38.32 PM.png Ice crystals, snowflakes and feathers circle around them. A fire and an ice phoenix with an Aurora Borealis ring fly above them. Ice falls down while flames fly up. Hibiki has a ruby glow and Alicia has an emerald glow.
17 Reflect Moon AOP17 RM09.jpg A gold jewel with the twelve horoscopes around it floats above, with four chains connected to the surrounding circle of silver vases with white lilies, blue flames and silver chandeliers. They are covered in an ice-blue glow.
20 Sweet & Soft☆
Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 2.28.25 PM.png Kokone's lollipops and clover candy combine with Miyabi's kanzashi and flowers to form a ring around the two of them. Hanging candy decorations hover above them, while lime glitter surrounds them.
22 Starlight Girls Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 11.55.45 PM.png Composed of small, falling stars that encompass the group and contain the theme colors of each idol performing.
Tristar Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 12.03.54 AM.png Yurika's chandeliers encircle the group and embellished with Mizuki's moon jewels. Mizuki's stardust trails, Yurika's prism hearts and Kaede's teddy bears and stars cascade around the group.
Pure Strawberry Palette Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 12.11.36 AM.png Ichigo's primroses, Mio's geometric orbs and Aine's jewel musical notes spirals upwards around the group, along with multicolored glitter. They are covered in a glow: Ichigo in pink, Aine in magenta and Mio in blue.
23 Four Star Girls Screenshot 20200314-142848 Video Player.jpg A ring of candies alternating with sky-blue lace-musical staffs that have golden notes, with magenta bows at each's end. An arch of colorful spheres hovers above. Glitter and confetti encompass them.
Mizuki and Hime Screenshot 20200314-160313 Video Player.jpg Translucent pink and gold spheres, intertwined with pink and white roses, form a ring around them. Pink and rose-gold glitter, as well as jewels, hover around them. Hime has a pink glow and Mizuki has a blue glow.
24 Love Me Tear OP024032.png Gears and constellations connected by clear gems and pearls form a circle around them. Golden sparks with meteor light trails fly above and around. Karen has a pink glow and Mirai has a yellow glow.
Star Harmony Girls OP024146.png Aine's musical notes, Mio's geometric spheres, Maika's butterflies and Ema's spiked balls form a ring around them. Sheer spheres and fireworks fly above them. Each idol glows a color in their idol type.
25 Ichigo, Akari, Yume, Aine, Mio, Raki OP025217.png Multicolored glitter, translucent stars, hearts, along with pink musical notes and mini bows representing the girls' signature bows hover around the air. Each of them glows their signature color.
DS1 Dream Academy Girls Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 4.00.48 PM.png A pink and purple arch inlaid with translucent hearts, stars and clefs hover above them. Musical notes, stars and glitter also fall around them, while rainbow streamlines surround them. Each of them glows their signature color.
DS6 Dream School
Grand Prix
DS06120.png TBA


  • Raki is the first idol with the most versatile idol aura, changing each time she performs and according to the dress type to change her ribbon's color.


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