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"Galaxy! Amazing! It's SHOWTIME!"

– Johnny Bepp's main catchphrase

Johnny Bepp
Kanji ジョニー別府
Romaji Johnny Beppu
Gender Male
Occupation Teacher
Affiliation Starlight School
First Appearance
Anime Aikatsu! Episode 02 - So Many Idols!
Seiyū Makoto Yasumura

Johnny Bepp (ジョニー別府) is a character in the Aikatsu on Parade! series. He is the former homeroom teacher of Ichigo, Aoi and Ran and former trainer and mentor to Mizuki and Masquerade. He is currently the homeroom teacher of Akari Ōzora, Juri Kurebayashi and Yū Hattori.



Johnny has shoulder-length wavy ash brunette and green eyes. He has light tan skin, a mustache and goatee, and is commonly seen in is signature green track suit with clip-on suspender straps on his waist. After his meeting with Sunny in Episode 128, he later changes out his green track suit for a red one custom made by the former.


Johnny is a lively person with a bit of a flair for dramatics which often confuses his students and everyone around him. He often uses English words and phrases though they're apparently hard to comprehend as even Kaede couldn't understand him. He's silly and fun and sometimes tries to be a Casanova, but is seldom successful. Despite his energy, Johnny is shown to be a humble, wise, and insightful person who can be serious when needed.


Johnny is a dancing genius who is also said to be one of the best coaches in the world. In his youth, he was the choreographer for Masquerade and has since then remained good friends with Orihime Mitsuishi. He was also part of a legendary dance unit known as Sunny & Johnny.

It is revealed that in Episode 139, Johnny has a younger sister named Elisa Bepp. Johnny loves his sister dearly as can be seen from how much he cares for his sister's wedding, and how much he doesn't want to let go.


Johnny used to be the choreographer for Masquerade, which Orihime belonged in. After Masquerade had split up, Orihime became headmistress of Starlight School and Johnny became a dance teacher, remaining a partner of Orihime. He often calls her "Academy Mother".
Like Orihime, Johnny knew her back from her Masquerade days.
Johnny and Naoto get along well as both acquaintances and co-workers. He often calls him "Coolkawa Teacher" in season 3 and 4, a pun of his name written in Kanji.
Sunny and Johnny were formerly in a dance unit called "Sunny & Johnny", and are great friends. Johnny wears the jersey suits Sunny made for him everyday.
Elisa is Johnny's younger sister. Since their father passed away when they were young, Johnny has been taking on the fatherly role and took great care of Elisa.


Johnny (ジョニー)

Bepp (別府)


"I can't argue with the desire to keep aiming higher and higher for your fans! And a word of appreciation to me, the man who raised you honeys: good job. "

– Johnny compliments to both Soleil and himself.


  • He calls his students "Honeys."
  • He is based on Johnny Depp.
  • In one of his classroom entrance scenes, Johnny performs a parody of one of Michael Jackson's signature poses. 
  • He has a tendency to call various people by the English translation or variation of that meaning of their name or surname or title/job (i.e. "Starmiya" for Ichigo, "Beautiful Moon" for Mizuki, "Coolkawa Teacher" for Naoto, "Wing Sena" for Tsubasa, etc.).
  • He is scared of Maya Yumekoji, LoLi GoThiC's top designer, due to having a terrifying experience when he went to deliver a package for him at one point.
  • Johnny is shown to be friends with Naoto Suzukawa.
  • Despite being good friends with and holding high respect for Orihime Mitsuishi, Johnny is shown to be afraid of her from time to time.
  • He is capable of performing Special Appeals (namely Cute Flash).
  • Back in the day, he was called Watermelon Johnny.
  • The name "Johnny" was only his stage name, and his given name is kept a secret (Episode 128).


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