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"The world I've been waiting for is lying just one step ahead."

– Miyabi in Episode 119.

Miyabi Fujiwara
Miyabi Chara Infobox
Kanji 藤原みやび
Romaji Fujiwara Miyabi
Gender Female
Age 14-15
Birthday September 14
Occupation Idol
Affiliation Himezakura Private Girls' Academy
Sweet & Soft☆Nadeshiko
Blood Type B
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Data Carddass Aikatsu! 2015 Series - Part 3
Anime Aikatsu! Episode 118 - An Elegant Aikatsu
Seiyū Akira Sekine
Singer Remi
Miyabi Fujiwara Autograph

Miyabi Fujiwara (藤原みやび) is a character in the Aikatsu on Parade! series and was a main character in the third season of the Aikatsu! series. She is a student at Himezakura Private Girls' Academy and was an exchange student at Starlight School. Miyabi is a sexy-type idol whose preferred brand is Sakurairo Kaden.



Miyabi has long, wavy brown hair with the bangs pulled back with curls. She has deep blue eyes and wears two red flower kanzashi's in her hair.


Miyabi is a serious and calm girl. She's graceful, elegant, and hardworking. She is sometimes prone to fits of embarrassment when she does something out of character or when someone calls her cute.


A yamato nadeshiko, Miyabi was born into a very traditional Japanese family, growing up with traditional Japanese arts. As her family traces back to many renowned Samurais, Miyabi has followed through the art of wielding blades.

Originally a student of Himezakura Private Girls' Academy in Kyōto , Miyabi left for Starlight School as part of a student exchange program. Nagaoka, headmaster of Himezakura, advises her to take a good look at Starlight's idols, with the intent that Miyabi will discover her true potential as an idol. Miyabi, having exchanged with Yū Hattori, finds herself in Johnny Bepp's class with Akari Ōzora and Juri Kurebayashi.


When Miyabi was having her exchange program at Starlight School, Akari was Miyabi's first friend and helped her open up to the potential within her.
As a fellow yamato nadeshiko, Sakura and Miyabi share many things in common in terms of their mannerisms and traditional backgrounds. Miyabi considered Sakura to be an amazing person and called her a "true yamato nadeshiko for her inner strength. Likewise, Sakura appears to hold respect for Miyabi as well.
Miyabi and Kokone are best friends and Miyabi's partner in their duo-unit, Sweet & Soft☆Nadeshiko. The two first met at a gig the two shared and ended up bonding and becoming closer over the course of more activities they shared.
Otome has heard of Miyabi through Sakura and met her while she was watching the other idols mingle about.


Fujiwara (藤原) is a traditional kanji that originated from a famous politically-powerful clan in the Heian period. The name literally means "wisteria field" with Fuji () meaning wisteria and Wara () meaning field.

Miyabi (みやび) is a name that is derived from the traditional Japanese aesthetic ideal of the same —Miyabi ()— which means elegance, refinement and gracefulness.


"I may have finally found it. This is my Aikatsu!"

– Miyabi before she enters the Fitting Room in Episode 118.


  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • She is 163cm tall.
  • Her favorite foods are pickles and matcha-flavored sweets.
  • Her specialty is kimono dressing (kitsuke) and wielding the naginata (Japanese halberd).
  • She is the first main idol to belong to neither of the major idol schools, but still attend one.
    • She is also the first known idol from Kyoto.
  • She is the first second-generation idol to have already obtained their Premium prior to their debut.
    • She is also the second main character overall to have received their premium prior to their debut.
  • She is the first Akari generation main character to have a member of STAR☆ANIS (that is not also a part of AIKATSU☆STARS!) be her singing voice.
  • She is the second main idol to not have her own eye catch. However, unlike Mikuru Natsuki, Miyabi does have an existing set of school dress cards.
    • She is the third main idol to never have her basic coord shown in the anime.


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