Pure Strawberry Palette
Pyua Sutoroberī Paretto
Leader Ichigo Hoshimiya
Type Multi-Type
"Let's go! Together!"

– Pure Strawberry Palette

Pure Strawberry Palette (ピュアストロベリーパレット) is a temporary, one-day-event-special idol unit consisting of Ichigo Hoshimiya, Aine Yūki and Mio Minato that was formed in Episode 22 of the Aikatsu on Parade! anime.





Unit Coords

Shining Line Coords


  • The group configuration is similar to PowaFuwa Dreamin'♪, where a third person joins an already existing duo unit.
  • Of the seven main protagonists featured in Aikatsu on Parade!, the unit is composed of the three who are already in high school.


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