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Rola Chibi.png
"Rola Sakuraba, it's my time to shine!"

– Rola before her performance

Rola Sakuraba
Chara Rola S2 Marching.png
Kanji 桜庭ローラ
Romaji Sakuraba Rōra
Gender Female
Age 14-15
Height 154cm
Birthday November 4
Zodiac Scorpio.png Scorpio
Occupation Student
Student Council Vice President
Affiliation Four Star Academy
Blood Type A
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! Part 1
Anime Aikatsu Stars! Episode 01 - The Beginning of a Dream
Seiyū Ayaka Asai
Singer Rie
Rola Sakuraba Autograph.png

Rola Sakuraba (桜庭ローラ) is a character in the Aikatsu on Parade! series and was one of the main characters in the first and second season of the Aikatsu Stars! series. She is a student at Four Star Academy of the Flower Song Class and acted as the Student Council Vice President and as admin of the Flower Song Class. Rola is a cool-type idol whose preferred brand is Spice Chord.



Rola is a fair-skinned girl with sharp, royal blue eyes and shoulder-length bubblegum pink hair styled into a ponytail formed into three thick ringlets with straightened bangs. She wears a dark purple ruffled scrunchy.

In Season 2, Rola now wears a dark blue headband in her hair. A dark blue bow rests on the right side of the headband with a light blue gemstone in the center.


Rola is a fearless person who takes on the role of a big sister with an impertinent edge to it. She is also the type to act before properly thinking about the action. Rola started off as being afraid of losing, and to stand out as a loser. However, she eventually learns that it's okay to lose to others and later becomes a more humble and calm person.


She comes from a long line of musicians, with her father being a violinist and her mother a pianist.


Yume is the very first friend Rola made at Four Star Academy. She is described as being a very precious friend to her and her true rival. The two come to depend on each other a lot, as shown when Yume immediately decides on Rola to be her admin following her induction into S4. Likewise, Rola understands Yume to the point where she accepts the position before Yume can even properly ask her.
Rola met Koharu through Yume. The two became quick friends.
Rola's close friend. The two are noted to be similar in personality, and Rola regards Mahiru as particularly skilled.
Rola met Ako for the first time during "ROCK! Rock Girls" audition. She finds her interesting and they slowly become friends.
When Rola was feeling lost after losing to Yume over again, it was Lily who helped her to realize the importance of going in her own way rather than just aiming to win.
Rola keeps a protective guard when it comes to Elza trying to take away Yume. She also has a very negative opinion of the latter as well.
Rola inherited Tsubasa's brand, Spice Chord after Tsubasa saw the potential and the leadership in Rola.


Sakuraba (桜庭) - Sakura () means cherry blossom and Ba () means garden.

Rola (ローラ) is Mexican slang for song. It may also be derived from rock 'n' roll.


"I feel like I've finally found my own path. I always used to sing to pass auditions and beat my rivals. Yume is my rival. That won't change. But from now on I won't sing just to win! I'll sing for myself!"

– Rola after Lily's encouragement

"But Aikatsu isn't only about winning or losing. As long as you follow your own shining path, it will eventually lead to a future in S4."

– Rola to Mahiru

"I say this over and over again, but what keeps me going is Yume. The only thing I can say to my rival —Yume — are words of gratitude."

– Rola talking about Yume

"Why did I start worrying all of a sudden? Being with Yume drew the best out of me. There were times when I cried and felt lost. But in the end, we always smiled together! Now I just need to put this whole year's emotions into song! Into a song that's mine, a song that I love! That's right, this song comes from my way of life. This is Rola Sakuraba!"

– Rola before her S4 Selection performance

"Who cares about my score? I've never felt this good singing in my entire life! I was finally able to sing in my own voice!"

– Rola after her S4 Selection performance

"I don't know much about Elza or Venus Ark's philosophy. But I want to be an idol who's considerate of others and always willing to extend a helping hand."

– Rola to Kirara

"I've participated in tons of competitions, and lost and cried my fair share. But getting scared of losing and running away isn't like me. Every time I lose, every time I cry, I feel myself growing stronger. If I keep at it, little by little, I can say goodbye to my weaker self."

– Rola to Yume

"Win it, Yume. It's a competition. When one person wins, another loses. But there are some things you'll never learn about yourself unless you lose. I'm sure it's the same for Elza. You climbed your way here, so it's your responsibility to teach her."

– Rola to Yume

"There's no guarantee it'll work out... But when I close my eyes, I can hear what my heart is saying. And then... My heart screams out loud that it wants to go!"

– Rola to Everyone

"Because my inspiration is you. There's no way I could've made it this far on my own. It was only because you were next to me, never stopping, that no matter how much it hurt, I could muster the will to try again, to win the struggle against myself. Now that the person I've always wanted to surpass has become number one, I can't contain my excitement. I'll become so much better that you won't recognize me by the time I get back. Because the future me definitely won't lose!"

– Rola to Yume

"As long as you work hard, someone will see you!"

– Rola

"Rock is GOING MY WAY!"

– Rola to Seira


  • Her favorite things are rock music and vinegar kelp.
  • Her specialty is doing introduction quizzes.
  • Her hobby is music appreciation.
  • She can spin like a tornado.
  • She shares her singing voice with Rei Kizaki and Sumire Hikami (as of March 2016) from the original Aikatsu! series.
  • Rola is the first character in the Aikatsu Stars! series to change her final pose and is the third in the entire Aikatsu! Franchise, following Mizuki Kanzaki and Akari Ōzora, and followed by Yume Nijino.
  • She is the fourth idol in the entire Aikatsu! franchise to temporarily travel abroad following Ichigo HoshimiyaKoharu Nanakura, and Kaguya Shirayuri.
  • She shares a number of similarities with Seira Otoshiro from the original Aikatsu! Series.
    • Both are cool-type idols
    • Both have pink hair worn in an up-do and tied by a ribbon.
    • Both have a group/unit aura with their 'true rival'.
    • Both are 'true rivals' of the main protagonist of their series.
    • Their 'true rivals' are cute-type idols.
    • Both use a brand that has a rock-n-roll motif.
    • Both of them share an intense, personal moment on screen with their 'true rival' before their unit performance.
    • Both like sour food.
    • Both of them are Scorpios and born in November.
    • Both have a good sense of music.


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