Sāya Kiseki
Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 12.17.08 AM
Kanji 姫石さあや
Romaji Kiseki Sāya
Gender Female
Occupation Engineer
First Appearance
Anime Let's Open It! The Door to Aikatsu!
Seiyū Yui Makino

Sāya Kiseki (姫石さあや) is a character in the Aikatsu on Parade! series. She is the elder sister of Raki Kiseki and an Aikatsu! engineer.



Sāya has chest-length messy and wavy wood-brown hair, with her bangs that come with grass-green highlights parting on the right. She has magenta-tangerine eyes and usually wears a pair of golden, red diamond earrings.


When working, Sāya tends to get to an obsessive stage where she acts villainous and sinister, which is seen from the fact that Raki is her test subject for all her engineering experiments, but she deeply cares for her sister and fully supports her dreams in idol activities. She is also truly passionate about her job as an Aikatsu! engineer, dedicated to continuing her research to watch and help all the idols grow.


Sāya was first seen testing out Raki's Aikatsu! Pass in her office. As Raki and the others visit the different realms of Aikatsu!, Raki goes on a long search for Sāya, not knowing that she has always been watching Raki in the dark. Sāya's ultimate goal in sending Raki all over the Aikatsu! realm, other than uniting the worlds as an experiment, was for her to reach her dream of creating a premium rare dress, all while growing and meeting new people.


As their interests in Aikatsu! overlaps, Sāya often makes Raki her guinea pig for testing out her engineering experiments. But as an elder sister, Sāya is caring, always looking out for Raki, supporting her on her dreams and believing in her potential.
As a legend in her own realm, Mizuki was one of Sāya's supporters during her experiment in connecting the Aikatsu! Worlds together.
As a legend in her own realm, Hime was one of Sāya's supporters during her experiment in connecting the Aikatsu! Worlds together.
As a legend in her own realm, Elza was one of Sāya's supporters during her experiment in connecting the Aikatsu! Worlds together.
As a legend in their own realm, Karen and Mirai were a part of Sāya's supporters during her experiment in connecting the Aikatsu! Worlds together.
As a legend in their own realm, Hibiki and Alicia were a part of Sāya's supporters during her experiment in connecting the Aikatsu! Worlds together.


Kiseki (姫石) Ki () means princess and seki () means stone. The surname also shares pronunciation with the term Kiseki (奇跡), meaning miracle, possibly hinting on her invention of the miracle Aikatsu! Pass.

Sāya (さあや) has many forms in Kanjī, in which some of them mean "silky damask" (紗綾), "true color" (真彩), or "pure color" (清彩).


"The world of Aikatsu has finally begun to become one."

– Sāya

"There is no door that I cannot open. "

– Sāya

"Raki, you weren't just lucky. With that power in your heart to always move forward, I always believed that you could overcome anything. And you did well."

– Sāya to Raki in Episode 25

"Now, you need to take all these lucky moments you've spent, gather all the radiance you've received and connect them to the future."

– Sāya to Raki in Episode 25

"If new things aren't attempted, no progress can be made. The engineers have upgraded the system many times, and with that, occasional surprises did occur. But us engineers, just like the fans and staff, want to support the growth for the idols we love."

– Sāya to her experiment supporters.



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