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Leader Hime Shiratori (25th Gen)
Yuzu Nikaidō (26th Gen)
Yume Nijino (27th Gen)
Type Multi-type
Status Active
"We are stars.
The Four Stars that light up the Aikatsu! World.
Tirelessly serving as shining beacons in the sky.
The radiance of S4 is...

– S4's motto

S4 is an idol unit comprised of the top four students at Four Star Academy, who are also at the top of the idol world. The unit is currently at its 27th generation, consisting of Yume Nijino, Ako Saotome, Mahiru Kasumi and Haruka☆Ruka.



An S4 Selection is held at Four Star Academy every year, where selected students from each class compete with the current S4 member of each class. The new winner will be immediately appointed as the new S4 member. However, if one is going against a senior and have lost, they will be appointed only after the current member's graduation.




Unit Coords

Premium Coords (25th Gen)


  • This is officially the first four-person unit in the entire Aikatsu! franchise.
  • This is the first permanent unit to include at least one idol from each type in the entire Aikatsu! franchise.
  • Unlike regular students, S4's members have custom uniforms of their own which differ them from the regular students and are worn year-round instead of switching between winter and summer uniforms.
  • This is the first unit where the members switch in and out due to a selection.
    • This is the second unit to do so in the entire Aikatsu! Franchise, the first being Aikatsu8, where it is a fan voting selection process instead of S4's top position competition.
  • The S4 Selection is similar to how the Starlight Queen Cup from the original series works, where they try to take down the student ranked the best in the school.


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