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Star Harmony Academy (スターハーモニー学園 Sutā Hāmonī Gakuen) is a middle and high school with both a normal division for non-idols and an idol division for idols training.


Middle School Idol Division

A light navy one-piece dress with a pink sleeve cuff, collar, and bottom of skirt, each with white line detail. On the torso are six gold buttons, while at the neck is a red ribbon with gold sphere in the center. Small white pleats line the bottom of the skirt.

Brown heels with an ankle strap and gold sole. Included are stockings with a magenta line inches under the cuff.

High School Idol Division

Track Suits

The tracksuits differ in color and depend on the type of idol wearing it: Pink for Cute, Blue for Cool, Purple for Sexy, and Yellow for Pop. Each track suit has the school emblem located on the right side of their suit.

Notable Students

Notable Staff


  • This is the first idol school in the Aikatsu! Franchise to also provide a normal division for non-idols.
  • This is also the first school in the Aikatsu! Franchise where the student does not live in a dormitory, but their own home.


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