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Starlight School (スターライト学園) is an all-girls school dedicated to training idols. The current headmistress of the school is Orihime Mitsuishi. It has grades from beginning of middle school to the end of high school as revealed in Episode 23 of the Aikatsu! series.



Main Building

Audition Hall

Dance Studio

The dance studio is a room inside the academy. The dance studio has two practice bars for stretching and warming up and there are two doors on either ends of the room. The walls are an extremely pale green and the floor is made of tiles with diagonal patterns running along them. The wall opposite the doors have windows that stretch across the entire wall. The ceiling is filled with lights so idols can use the room when it is dark.


The Cafeteria is where idols eat and take their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also take their snacks here. It's chef is a former idol, Shun Yotsuba. Besides that, they also have delicious star donuts made by Yotsuba Shun as stated in some episodes of Aikatsu! . It's tables are made of wood as well as it's chairs. It also has glass windows which shows a clear view of the outside making sunlight pass through.


The track is a large outdoors area consisting of running tracks and large patch of grass in the center. The track itself is red and in an oval shape. There are bleachers on three-sides of the track and one side is covered in trees. The bleachers have entrances for the students to enter the track.


Track Suits

The track suits can be different colors depending on what type idol you are. Cute idols have pink, Sexy idols have Purple, Cool idols have blue, and Pop idols have orange.


The collar and sleeves of the jacket are Pink/Purple/Blue/Orange. On the right side of the jacket in the chest area, there is an emblem that is Pink/Purple/Blue/Orange and it has a capital yellow S on it. They have pockets that are also Pink/Purple/Blue/Orange. The rim of the jacket is their type theme color, with a yellow stripe. Because they never take off their jackets in the anime, we don't know what they wear underneath it.


They wear white and type colored sweatpants. On the back of the sweatpants, they have a shooting star that is their type color. The sweatpants cut off a little bit above the ankles.


They wear white tennis shoes with yellow accents.


Note: This section is based on the anime series.

Notable Students

Former Students

  • Mizuki Kanzaki - former student of the middle school division, left the academy in between transition from middle school to high school.

Exchange Students

Notable Staff


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