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Unicorn Sagittarius Coord
Img unicorn sagittarius chara
Type Pop
Brand Magical Toy
Rarity Premium Rare
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 2
Anime Aikatsu! Episode 66 - The Wonderful Mutual Love

  Unicorn Sagittarius Coord (ユニコーンサジットコーデ) is a premium rare coord made by the pop brand Magical Toy. It first debuted in Part 2 of the Data Carddass Aikatsu! 2014 series.


Using vibrant shades of colors as its base, and a unicorn as its motif, a dress that performs a fantastical story!! The coord's point is its illustration of a unicorn in your dreams☆


Unicorn Sagittarius Top

A green top with a yellow ombre with layered feathered sleeves and bottom. The top layer is light blue, followed by a layer of white and soft yellow gradient, and lastly, a row composed of warm colors. Above the feathers around the bottom is a glittering midnight blue bunched fabric with a clover-shaped bow attached to the corner that has a gold piece in the middle. The gold collar has a sapphire triangle gem at the middle, surrounded by a round ruby gem and a sideways diamond garnet on each side. Topaz triangles hang from the collar, and beneath the sapphire is a gold ornament that has two small green and chartreuse gems. Included is a colorful accessory for the left arm, and a large, fluffy colorful gradient puff on each wrist.

Unicorn Sagittarius Skirt

A green skirt with a yellow ombre and lining of thick fluff. On the side of the skirt are colorful markings and a purple winged unicorn with a rainbow trail behind it. Rainbow patches of feathers in two layers stick out from the bottom of the skirt.

Unicorn Sagittarius Boots

Glittering midnight blue boots with a rounded heel. On the foot is a gold piece holding a sapphire gem with an enamel rainbow stretching from it to the side of the heel. Puffy, layered fabric covers the remainder of the boot, each adorned with a dot and sparkle-shaped marking coming in a rainbow of colors. The right layer has teal, violet, and yellow puffs, while the left leg has yellow, cherry, and sky blue. Sewn to the side of the top of the boot is a blue ribbon with ruffled tails and a crystal gem in the center. On the right thigh is a gold accessory with colorful triangle dangles.

Unicorn Sagittarius Ribbon

Lime hair bows with small bits of fabric coming in purple, indigo, orange, and light blue. Each bow has a fluffy pom-pom on it. Gold pearl dangles are included with a purple, hot pink, and blue tail connected to a gold pointed shape. The wings are sleek and divided into light purple, lime, and azure sections. The wings attach to a gold sparkle-shaped marking with a purple, sky blue, indigo, or chartreuse triangle sticking out at each corner. The same shape adorns the wing, but the gold piece is an amethyst gem, and the points are now lime, sky blue, gold, and red. Further down is a topaz gem sparkle-shaped marking.


Tops Bottoms Shoes
Oppr2-13pr 00
Unicorn Sagittarius Top
Oppr2-14pr 00
Unicorn Sagittarius Skirt
Oppr2-15pr 00
Unicorn Sagittarius Boots
Opr-32p 00
Opr-33p 00
Opr-34p 00


Oppr2-16pr 00
Opr-35p 00
Unicorn Sagittarius Ribbon


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